What to Ditch, Pitch and Parlay for Apartment Marketing 2017

The key concept of marketing hasn’t changed: to get in front of as many people as possible as efficiently as possible and get back as much information as is feasibly, and politely, possible. Today’s marketing strategies are a bit more aggressive in their focus on the consumer, and a lot more polite in their delivery and reception. Sorting through all the data that marketers receive remains a massive undertaking. To discern valuable information among all that data has become a challenge.

Customer Experience

This mainstay continues to be a large part of marketing. Customer-centric philosophies continue to create effective marketing strategies for today’s businesses. A good customer experience makes good marketing in every industry, but particularly in apartment living. This also makes for positive digital transformations.

Video content

Reviews, owner blogs and social content are all well and good, but the content you may have relied on in the past for the web is shifting. Video is king of content. Virtual and augmented reality will be the next step with successful brands that incorporate this into their current content. Get moving on fresh, inventive videos if you want to stay ahead. Incorporating user videos as well as professionally made material can round out your content and draw in consumers.

Increased Social Media Marketing

It may seem that consumers are saturated with social media. However that could be attributed to the constant blast of substandard content they are receiving from their favorite brands. Social media needs to be specific and personal. It should also aim to sell as well as familiarize new clients with your brand. Make touch points individual and personal.

Digital Transformation

Show the market, and your current and potential team members, that you are transforming as a company. Showing more than telling is selling in marketing strategies right now.

Take the Virtual Tour

This should never be off your list. In fact, you should constantly be looking on how to improve your current virtual tour content. Using Omnisight or Matterport, you can find tools to make your virtual tour a hot spot on your site.

Real-time marketing vs. right-time marketing

You’ve probably been working overtime on your real-time marketing. All that work might be missing its target. Consider the large amount of data that you’ve collected and use it to find the absolute best moment to connect with your target audience.

AI and Chatbots

Everybody has a bot now, from Facebook Messenger to Barbie. A bot can transform the way you interact with your clients. They can narrow down the focus and get real information and answer consumers’ specific questions in quick time. AI is so mainstream, picking up data crumbs from your clients, that you can’t ignore it as a solid marketing tool.

Measuring Marketing Meaningfully

Companies continue to debate how to measure data so that it shows the entire picture, not a snapshot of varying components. More businesses will make a plan to draw data back to customer retention, profit and other meaningful bottom lines.

Pump up the Photos

Your site may be filled with photos of the lush grounds, varying floor plans and the abundance of amenities. What’s missing is what consumers want when they aren’t at home. Including eateries, convenient comforts and facilities that surround your property will give a boost to what you showcase about your property. When browsing your site, consumers want to get their fill of the finer attributes of your properties. Make sure you don’t leave out all that there is outside their door and yours. Add photos of the on-site team and there recommendations for hot spots in the area.

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