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No matter what type of multi-unit property you own, you can expect sinks to overflow, toilets to clog and air conditioning units to malfunction from time to time. In some cases, this is due to natural wear and tear on the functional equipment inside of a residential unit. In other cases, it is due to misuse or overuse. Either way, you need a professional maintenance team ready to assess the situation and respond appropriately. This protects your property from unnecessary damage, which in turn saves you money and keeps your tenants comfortable.

Some situations are urgent and require an immediate response in order to minimize property damage. Since you can’t personally address each of these situations, you need someone you can trust to take prompt action. For less urgent maintenance requests, a dedicated maintenance crew can solve problems quickly—an ability obtained through years of experience and professional training in property maintenance.

Efficient property maintenance also involves routine upkeep of your property. From ensuring that your parking lots aren’t covered in litter to cutting the grass and making sure all HVAC systems are properly maintained over time, there are a variety of services you can include in your customized property maintenance plan. Routine maintenance is critical because it protects your investment and prevents many emergency situations that would otherwise occur.

With the right property maintenance professionals on your team, you’ll minimize your property repair expenses.


If you spend enough time driving through apartment complexes, around townhouse communities and along streets lined with condominiums, you can easily spot properties that aren’t properly maintained. Problems within the management office eventually become obvious to the community as a whole. Some red flags include overflowing trash cans, excessive litter, broken equipment and rapid tenant turnover. If you want your tenants to value their homes and stay for years, investing in coordination of your managerial team is the first step.

Property management coordination is all about protecting your investment. We work hand-in-hand with the property management team to ensure all screened applicants are aware of community rules before agreeing to move into the property, and that all rules are properly enforced and fair. Putting the right people in the right place at the right time helps to guarantee the community functions safely, comfortably and profitably.

Property management is a big task, and it’s something that no property owner should take lightly. There are a lot of steps that go into screening potential tenants, and the list of managerial tasks only multiplies once the tenant is brought on board. From running background checks to determining appropriate income-to-rental ratios for each of your units, you need a well-trained managerial team to keep everything running smoothly. It’s the simplest thing that you can do to protect your investment long-term.


No commercial or residential space is perfect for every tenant. This is why many property owners are willing to make reasonable improvements or adjustments to their rental spaces in order to secure the business of highly desirable tenants. Whether you’re giving an outdated kitchen a face lift to attract higher-paying renters or you’re combining two small offices to create room for a medium-sized business, tenant improvement projects only pay off if you have a carefully constructed plan and you work with the right contractor.

How do you know when you’ve found the right contractor? You know when they’re able and willing to handle all aspects of your tenant improvement project. Contractors can help you look at the space in question and come up with a solid design plan that works with your budget as well as the needs of your prospective or current tenant. They can also source high-quality materials and provide skilled workers at a reasonable price. Finally, they follow through with the design plans while staying focused on the finishing deadline and the available budget.

Tellus Management routinely lives up to these terms—something most contractors cannot claim. As a multi-disciplinary management, maintenance and building firm, we have the professionals on hand to operate all phases of a tenant improvement project. In addition to helping you design, plan and construct your renovated space, our property management pros can help you negotiate the terms of a tenant improvement deal. This includes structuring the leasing agreement so that it clearly states the tenant’s rights and responsibilities when it comes to modifying your property. This is a level of service that you won’t find from most contracting firms experienced in construction alone.


Property repairs are quite different from property improvements, and a reputable property management team will handle them differently. Repairs are required to maintain the structural integrity of your property, while most tenant improvements are optional. Repairs are also critical to keeping your tenants comfortable, resulting in less occupant turnover. When repairs are made quickly using the property equipment, materials, and technical procedures, the value of the property is enhanced over time and residents feel valued by the property management team.

When you work with the right property management and maintenance service, you know they will handle every repair professionally and efficiently. Corners are never cut to save money or time, since that only puts your property at risk for future problems. It also means that resources are never wasted, residents are treated with respect, and safety guidelines are always followed to limit the risk of accidents. These measures protect the value of the property as well as the integrity of the owners and the reputation of the residential community.

When you don’t have the time to personally hire professionals to complete every repair needed for your rental properties, hiring a dedicated repair team will save you time and money. You can count on the professionals to assess each situation and take the appropriate actions to protect your property and your tenants while completing repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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